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Mango uses data science to help organizations take smarter decisions.

One of the biggest challenges in any organization is to get the right information in order to take good business decisions.

Are you in that situation? We help our clients enhance their decision-making process by providing them the factual data they need.

This helps them be more efficient, decrease their costs and grow their market share.

What we do

  • Data science
  • Data-driven web applications
  • Corporate Business Intelligence

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ED: collaborative platform

Development of a platform allowing users to collaborate in realtime based on shared content. Analytics is performed live and presented in dashboards and reports.


  • business analysis
  • realtime analytics
  • software architecture
  • node.js
  • d3.js
  • websockets

Customer quote

Jean-Christophe Blondiau
Mehdi is responsible for the development of a data-intensive web application.
He demonstrates his commitment to the success of this enterprise through flexibility and short response time. He is totally focused on delivering results.

, Director at co-emergence


Tribalytics is a social media audience analytics tool helping marketers find and reach their target audience on twitter. Communities of people sharing interest over a topic are identified by analysing the social graphs on twitter (how people are connected between each other), the content shared by these people. Identifying the influencers in each community helps the marketers achieve actual virality in their campaigns.

Read also: Getting started with Twitter - Using social media for sales conversions in our blog.


  • saas
  • sales
  • project management
  • entrepreneurship
  • graph analysis
  • natural language processing
  • node.js
  • gephi
  • d3.js
  • php Laravel
  • redis
  • mysql
  • mariadb
  • twitter API
  • nominatim API
  • json

Customers quotes

Gianluca Fiorelli
Tribalytics has soon become one of those tools I cannot stop using.

, SEO Strategist at I Love SEO

David Hachez
The most important people to follow are not always the ones you would think at first. Tribalytics help you to identify and connect with the true opinion leaders in your market.

, CEO & Co-founder at Emolytics

Twitto is a showcase of our know-how in realtime analytics web applications. It is a dashboard extracting the trends from all the tweets geolocated in Belgium.

Fully open source, you may adapt it to monitor another part of the world you want, or to follow a specific topic.

Have a look at more creations in our open source tools page.


  • business analysis
  • application design
  • software architecture
  • web
  • node.js
  • d3.js
  • websockets
  • html5
  • css3
  • javascript
  • twitter realtime API

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We combine our sales techniques and web design skills to help businesses convert website visitors into paying customers.

Smoall hired us to enhance their website. Once the redesign done, the signup rate to their application increased by 328%.

Read also: A sublime landing page - How to convince visitors to buy on the web in our blog.


  • web analytics
  • copywriting
  • consultative selling
  • design
  • google analytics
  • javascript
  • wordpress

Customer quote

Bastien Wauters
As we were looking at optimizing the conversion rate of our startup, Mehdi helped us by setting up a reporting system, measuring the performance of each step of the funnel.
Mehdi has a strong analytical mind, but also understands business, and dedicates all his efforts to his clients' goals.

, Managing Director & Co-founder at Smoall


We have been involved in nearly all roles of Corporate Data-Warehousing projects: business analysis, architecture, data modeling, technical analysis, data integration (ETL), conception and development of reports and dashboards...

These projects tend to often hit roadblocks: technical complexity, politics, lack of vision alignments between the stakeholders... This is why we focus on client-orientation with a rich communication with the clients, and advocate for good knowledge management inside the BI teams. As a result, not only do we improve the quality of the reporting systems created, but we also reduce the costs of our clients' projects.


  • Corporate Business Intelligence
  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • powerDesigner
  • Toad
  • PL/SQL
  • Confluence
  • Jira
  • Oracle database
  • SQL Server
  • Eurostat
  • Sysper2
  • Sybase

Customers quotes

Christopher Borrelly
Mehdi was committed at 100% on the projects and on his assigned tasks, always trying to reach the milestones in time. He is a reliable person, highly skilled at technically designing a good datawarehouse architecture. He has a high regard for quality.

, Project Manager at European Commission

Merih Koyuncu
Mehdi is very meticulous and methodic in his work. He can easily combine an analyst (business / functional / technical) as well a developer role, and has a deep knowledge of DWH. He's also a very good team player. Really a pleasure to work with him.

, Project Manager at bpost

Data Integration

Keeping data synchronized between different systems is often more challenging than we think. For basic tasks, Zapier or IFTTT may do the job. When something more elaborate is needed, we're here to build a reliable solution.


  • CRM
  • scraping
  • APIs
  • ETL
  • node.js
  • REST
  • web services
  • oAuth
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • mysql
  • XML
  • JSON

Customer quote

Dusan Jakovljevic
Mehdi has provided exceptional data integration service to Energy Efficiency in Industrial Services.

, Director at Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP)

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About us

Mango Information Systems is a consulting company operating since 2010 from Brussels, Belgium.

It was founded by Mehdi El Fadil.

We act as a bridge between business and technical teams, and provide the following type of services:

  • Contracting authority support
  • Strategic consulting
  • Business analysis
  • Technical experts in complex data-intensive projects

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