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open source - realtime hashtags network graph analytics

Twitto is a live analytics dashboard of the tweets related to entrepreneurship in Belgium.

open source

myTagOverflow: showcase your top tags from stackOverflow

Need to demonstrate your technical abilities? myTagOverflow shows the tags on which you have been active in a cool graph visualization.

open source

CSV to JSON converter

Easy, privacy-friendly and offline-first online csv to json converter

pullReceipt: simple invoice extractor

Need help to forward all the incoming invoices to your accountant? pullReceipt automates the boring parts of your business administration.

open source

multiGa: realtime traffic dashboard for your websites

Free dashboard showing Google Analytics live traffic data for multiple websites. Ideal to find out if it's the right moment to upgrade your server ;)

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About us

Mango Information Systems is a small Belgian company specialized in Data Science / Business Intelligence.

We help businesses with their data integration and analytics problems, making sure that both technology and processes are streamlined.