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myTagOverflow - StackOverflow top tags data visualizationbeta

Showcase your stackExchange tags stats in a neat data visualization.

How it works

  1. Connect your stackExchange account
  2. Visualize statistics about the tags you interact the most with on stackExchange
  3. Adjust the graph layout by dragging/dropping tags
  4. Use the visualization in your own website, CV or share on social media...

About myTagOverflow

myTagOverflow creates a visualization of the top tags related to your activity on stackOverflow.

It may be useful when you want to demonstrate your technical abilities, based on factual data ;).

If you like it, you may be interested by tagOverflow, a similar project (independent from myTagOverflow) generating a similar visualization for the whole stackExchange sites (not per user).

Your privacy is paramount

Data from stackExchange never passes through our servers. It goes directly from StackExchange to your browsers.

Open source

myTagOverflow is open source, dual-licensed under MIT and LGPL. You can find the source code of this app here.

Suggestions and contributions are welcome, please have a look at the current issues on github.

About us

Mango Information Systems is a small Belgian company specialized in Data Science / Business Intelligence.

We help businesses with their data integration and analytics problems, making sure that both technology and processes are streamlined.