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Do you feel like you waste too much time working on administrative tasks?

pullReceipt automates the processing your incoming invoices.

illustration of pullReceipt connections manager

1. Connect your email accounts

illustration of pullReceipt connections manager

2. pullReceipt identifies all the invoices

illustration of pullReceipt connections manager

3. Decide how to process each document


Get more time to focus on what matters

Reduce errors caused by manual processing of data

Track your expenses and reduce your costs

How it simplifies your business administration

pullReceipt detects all incoming invoices and receipts in your mailbox and forwards them to your management software or your accountant automatically.

Flexible: you choose what should be done with the incoming invoices: forward to your accountant by email, copy them to dropBox or your google drive, etc...

Powerful: pullReceipt retrieves attached invoices, as well as those to be downloaded by clicking a link.

Multilingual: pullReceipt recognizes the invoices in foreign languages. English, Spanish, German, French, Italian currently supported.

Safe: You stay in control: for each provider, you can choose either to have the documents processed automatically, or after your approval.

Adaptable: You work at your own pace. Connect every day, every Month, or only once per quarter, as you prefer. pullReceipt fits in your process.


200€ / Month
35€ / Month
10€ / Month
Up to 20 email accounts Up to 5 email accounts 1 email account
1500 invoices per quarter 750 invoices per quarter 150 invoices per quarter
unlimited actions unlimited actions unlimited actions
analysis of expenses
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The idea for pullReceipt came to Mehdi El Fadil, as he was spending his quarterly 8 hours to retrieve all incoming invoices in his mailbox and send them to his accountant.

The concept is to have a very simple and user-friendly tool doing the job, and have more free time to do value-added work - or simply to relax ;)

Feedback and feature requests are welcome, send us a message.